Eni meets da Vinci’s genius

 By Anna Volpicelli

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci is now on display at Le Nuove Galleria Leonardo, the largest permanent exhibition in the world dedicated to the great master of the Italian Renaissance and that Eni has chosen to support…


To mark the fifth anniversary of da Vinci‘s death, comprehensive exhibition at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, which opened on December 10, 2019, sets out to highlight the different personalities, engineer, humanist and investigator of nature. As a creator and promoter of Renaissance innovation, da Vinci’s works inspired not only his contemporaries, but served as an example of a scientific, technological and artistic revolution for future generations. With more than 170 works, including engineering and mechanical models, ancient volumes, frescoes, casts, reliefs and decorations, Le Nuove Gallerie shines a light on da Vinci’s many talents. A man who never limited himself to a specific field, he was adept at showcasing his skills in every sector, contributing to the most significant discoveries in history.

Artefact displayed in "Le Nuove Gallerie di Leonardo"

Curator François Confino and Studio LLTT have designed a scenographic journey within the MUST that aims to uphold the extraordinary nature of the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. As a researcher and almost obsessive investigator of his time, da Vinci placed nature at the center of his quest as a source of learning and inspiration. It can be seen in his engineering tests that led him to exploit the motions of water and subsequently stimulate the development of the Lombard hydraulic school, or in his drawings on the anatomy of birds to understand their flight mechanics.

A mechanic prototype bird displayed in "Le Nuove Gallerie di Leonardo"

An understanding of the perfection and generosity of nature, a source of inspiration also for Eni that, over time, has emulated these  values, developing projects that revolve around the many potentials of natural resources. A continuous investigation, motivated by a strong desire for knowledge and therefore an essential opportunity for the company to join forces with the MUST with the role of Leonardo Italian Champion of “Le nuove gallerie di Leonardo”.

Image of the opening of the New Leonardo Galleries at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan

Eni and the i.lab of Leonardo

Eni will also be present at the Museum in the i.lab Energy and Environment with FuturEnergy, offering students aged 10 to 15 years a path of research and a series of activities to be introduced in the school year 2019-2020. The National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan is known throughout Europe for its commitment to education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), which in this case, uses da Vinci’s works as a learning and development platform for critical-scientific thinking. The goals is to teach children to cultivate and nurture mental abilities that can lead to the creation of future innovations.

Between saying and doing there is the practice

The itinerary will address an erray of five interactive thematic workshops based on shared experimental work upon innovation in research and will challenge the mental, practical and creative inclinations of the students with the aim of encouraging them to find revolutionary solutions in order to promote the application of the scientific method of real phenomena or real objects. Each group will be then assigned a research to a specific topic in which they will learn to share, think and express opinions and develop a critical thinking.
Among the topics, the first is on sustainability and aims to analyze the different behaviors of photovoltaic technologies and the use of them. It follows then the effectiveness of knowledge to reflect on the function of electrical energy  accumulation;  concentrating heat and explore techniques to handle heat and make it an energy resource. The fourth topic is related to the action of repairing to explore how to clean up the soil by observing on a microscope some of the parts of the plants that are most involved in the restoration process.

Finally, the important concept of transforming: this in particular, represents one of the main cornerstones of Eni’s strategy. Besides, it will also shine a light on recycling, which is a resource to understand the different phases of the transformation and the importance of the process.

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