Eni in a day

 By Eniday Staff

Eni is a kindergarten. Eni is a worker in South America. Eni is the African sun but it is also the cold of the Barents Sea. The yellow of the sand, the blue of the ocean, the green of the forest.

Eni all over the world with the face of its people that changes with every parallel and time zone: at school, at work, near and far from home.  

Every day, from dawn to the deep night, on our platforms, in refineries, on ships, in control rooms, on the streets and in offices, so many things happening at the same time. Every day is made up of a thousand different days that Eniday shows you in this short, exciting film…

A long journey in 24h inside Eni activities all over the world

Ah, Merry Christmas and the season’s best wishes to you all…!

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