A particular social day

 By Eniday Staff

“Your life gets better if you help improve other peoples’ lives”. And this is what, those who volunteer, firmly believe, offering time and care to the needy ones…

The staff of Eni International, adds a further year to the volunteering activity. The initiative, born in 2018,  saw them engaged with the local foundation Coordan, to give a different day to elderly people with physical disabilities and cognitive problems. On the occasion of the Social Initiative Day, the meeting with the Helpt Foundation, which aims to create a network of companies, looking for opportunities to be socially responsible and active in the region, has allowed our volunteers to enter a new area: that of childhood. The enthusiasm hasn’t changed. “When we met again on 24 September, we decided that in the year 2019 we would do something different. That’s why we decided to support SPIN, a foundation that creates playgrounds for families living on the outskirts of Amsterdam” –  explains Johan, the group’s spokesman. And apparently, it was SPIN’s vision to have boosted the desire of making a tangible contribution to the lives of those that, in a not too far future, will hit the stage. The game, as well known, is the ideal tool for developing children’s talents and abilities and is also a facilitator for letting them integrate with each other in the most natural and effective way. The organization operates several playgrounds in the Amsterdam area and constantly needs help to raise the level of safety and to create a better and more pleasant environment for their young guests. Besides, this requirement is perfectly in line with Eni’s strategy to ensure active social responsibility in the countries where it operates, with a particular focus on safety.

Eni International volunteers renew the playground with new colours

Volunteers in action

“When we, together with SPIN, chose one of the playgrounds, the one located in the Tuindorp area in the north of Amsterdam, and quantified the amount of work that needed to be done, we were quite sure that the Social Initiative Day at SPIN would turn out to be a great initiative. And so it was”, Eni’s volunteers express with deep joy. “Early in the morning, after a cup of coffee and a brief overview on the list of tasks to carry out – tells us Joahn – grabbing hammers, trimmers, brushes and shovels to level the lawn, shape the hedge, prune bushes, paint benches and toys, and even build a ramp to let disabled children access the sand box where they can play with the water pump” – he concludes.

Volunteers working on the transformation of the playground in the Tuindorp area to increase accessibility for disabled children

“The moody Dutch weather did not stop our teams and after a day of really hard work we could see the playground looking completely different, very happy about the result” adds Jolanda, with emotion, by peeping out of the group. We are quite sure that the children from the Tuindorp neighborhood shared the same happiness of Eni International’s volunteers. You might have probably realized it from one of those huge smiles that appear on children’s face stretching up to the ears as well as in those cheerful cries you can ear when they play.

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way

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