The great challenge of FeltrinelliCamp

 By Eniday Staff

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Fundation promotes an international call to enrol 100 to select 100 researchers, professionals, activists and policy makers from across Europe to rethink new economic development models: Rethinking Capitalism

This is the objective of the second edition of the FeltrinelliCamp, a workshop born from the collaboration with Eni and Fastweb, that will select the most promising candidates, the most lucid thoughts and the most innovative and radical ideas, starting from research activities and laying the foundations for a change in society.
After the first edition, which was dedicated to the phenomenon of urban transformation, in the 2019 edition we will move the attention on the concept of capitalism and globalization and their consequences on the economy, society and environment.
The initiative is the result of a critical reading based on 10 years of economic crisis; indeed, the term “crisis” itself is to be considered misleading and insufficient. The multiple unsustainabilities (economic, social, environmental, political…) of the modern capitalist system seem in fact a physiologic feature and not something pathological of an otherwise smoothly functioning model. It is thus necessary to bring the analysis more in depth, and towards the structural characters of the system.
The FeltrinelliCamp workshop will focus on the theorization and implementation of a hypothetical transition from globalization to humanization.
The fields concerned are many: the very concept of European citizenship will be analyzed, as well as the future of work, social justice and the use of natural capital, a topic that focuses on the circular economy, of which Eni itself is active promoter.
That is redirecting the modern linear economic system, on the basis of which the production of goods has a life cycle that begins with the extraction of raw materials and ends with the disposal of the goods produced, now considered unsustainable. To a circular model which has the human being at its forefront, where everything is designed and engineered to be repeatedly recycled and reused.
The world is constantly changing, and this is a complex period in the long history of our civilization; we need ideas and new paths to follow.

FeltrinelliCamp be held in Milan, Italy, on 15th -16th March.
Applications are open until February 24th, so hurry up and register! Click on the image below:

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