Power plant as a service

 By Amanda Saint

German Cleantech Company, Entrade, has just started a revolutionary new business model: “Power Plant as a Service.” The first projects have recently been implemented in the UK, but there are plans to roll it out globally throughout this year…

So what does “Power Plant as a Service” look like? It features an off-the-shelf biomass power plant called the E3 50 within a 20-ft (6-m) container, at a cost of around £500 ($704). The system is aimed at companies with medium to high power demands. Customers that invest in the service sign up to one of Entrade’s two power packages: £4.95 ($7) a month without fuel, or £12.95 ($18.25) with fuel provided. Compared to buying electricity from one of the country’s main providers, Entrade estimates that its customers can save around 20% on annual power costs.

Installation, operation and ongoing maintenance are also included in the package, but one of the best things about the E3 50 is that, as well as burning the traditional wood pellets used in biomass energy production, it can also burn food waste and nutshells. Add to that the ease of managing everything online, and that it qualifies for a rebate under the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive, and it seems that “Power Plant as a Service” really could be set to transform the future of energy generation for many of the UK’s businesses.

E3-Mobile Biomass Power Generator

Entrade’s CEO, Julien Uhlig, said: “With ‘Power Plant as a Service’ we offer a solution that can be booked directly online. From now on, the offer will be available on the UK market and will soon be extended to the USA. We believe that this will lead to a faster market acceptance of our disruptive technology.”

Production at the company’s German manufacturing facilities is ramping up. By the end of 2016, there should be more than 500 off-the-shelf biomass plants ready to ship to customers all over the world.

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