Lezito, true stunt bike freestyler

 By Eniday Staff

The roar of the engine, high-speed racing, amazing balance games… that’s all for boys!… Are we sure?
Sarah Lezito, born in 1992 in Reims, France, is a skilled streetbike freestyler and stunt performer. She climbed a 125 c.c. for the first time when 16 years old, she then participated in the World Stunt Riding Championship in Poland in 2013… and has never stopped! She is the first professional in this field to make male competitors eat her dust and will certainly be a source of inspiration for many other motorcyclists men and women around the world…
“When I was little, everyone told me it wasn’t a little girl stuff, it was a boys’ thing. Today I’m really happy not to have listened to them”, she confessed to us, smiling, during the interview that we did at Eni’s studios…

Interview to Sarah Lezito - The simple story of a woman biker

The gap between the two sexes, in the workplace, is a fact and there is a constant fight about these biases against many women. Recent European Union’s studies prove that women represent only 24% of professionals in science and engineering and 15% of professionals assimilated in the same fields. And again, only 19% of managers in the digital sector are women, compared to an average of 45% in other sectors. Large companies must set an example, point the way… That’s why Eni has been fighting this battle for a long time, and you can see the results.
A figure among all? The presence of women in the administrative and control bodies has increased, from 2015 to 2017, from 26% to 32% and from 34% to 37% respectively. The six-legged dog is studded with examples of all-female excellence in roles previously held exclusively by men. In difficult, heavy jobs that require considerable preparation, our colleagues demonstrate every day that prejudice is only an invention; yet another, useless wall to tear down…

In the following video, the word is still to women…

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