Can you really imagine all this?

 By Corrado Paolucci

Exponential technologies able to positively affect the lives of billions of people in a short space of time. This is perhaps the most effective definition of the concept of Singularity. And its significance, which is, in fact, exponential…

An issue that the mainstream knows more as a cinematographic or science fiction concept, often taken to consequences that are as fascinating as they are destructive.

Transcendence movie trailer directed by Wally Pfister

Today Singularity is stimulating an international debate on the future of our lives and the resources we have available by offering the devices of our intelligence a picture of a tomorrow in which “Creating abundance does not mean creating a lifetime of luxury for everyone on the planet: but rather, creating a life of possibility.” [Peter Diamandis, co-founder, Singularity University.]

Singularity Summit

Also Milan has taken part in this interesting debate with the Singularity Summit and signed up the collaborative platform with the aim of learning, networking and innovating through solutions that use acceleration technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, applied nanotechnologies, and digital biology.
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Living exponential energy

Eni, which has for years been working to imagine its future and that of the countries in which it operates through a new energy paradigm, could not fail to participate in this debate. And at the Singularity Summit puts technologies that will help face this great challenge centre stage, and offering visitors an exponential experience.

Waste to fuel is not garbage

Can you imagine transforming your city’s organic waste into bio-oil and then into green diesel? The six-legged dog has done it by developing a technology that reuses this difficult to manage waste and transforms it into a high performance bio-fuel. Development with exponential energy?
If we were to take the 229 million tons of organic waste produced every year in the US and converted it into green diesel we would have almost 7 billion litres of fuel a year, with a reduction of more than 16 million kg CO2/year. This would make it possible to offer 565 litres of diesel to each US citizen.

Waste to fuel

Surrounded by solar energy

Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC) and Organic PhotoVoltaics (OPV) are the latest frontiers of photovoltaic power developed at Eni’s Renewable Energy and Environment Research Centre. Both technologies can be integrated into commercial buildings, homes, greenhouses, noise barriers, public buildings and roadside billboards. In short, they can placed everywhere in our daily living environment.
Think Exponential?
Imagine having each of the buildings of a city like Rome “fitted” with these 3 technologies. We would zero the energy consumed. For example, a 6-storey building consumes about 120,000 kWh/year. Of these, 44,000 could be produced by traditional silicon-based solar panels, 52,000 kWh/year by OPVs, while more than 14,000 kWh/year could be saved by applying LSCs, making the building substantially autonomous from an energy point of view.

Extir Galileo the home-made coat

The insulating panels of the Galileo Project made in Versalis are obtained from styrenic polymers additives from special substances. This makes it possible to obtain extremely lightweight materials, with good mechanical properties and, in particular, with excellent thermal insulation properties. Moreover, their easy recyclability that makes these plates unique. The Galileo Coat exponentially spread across all European homes, would result in savings of 2 million GWh, with a saving per home of 56% of the energy needed for heating.

Galileo Extir

Power to the future

The future must continue on this path of efficiency by making significantly increased reduction is the CO2 content of the energy mix, while preserving the key human development factor of the last 200 years: the energy density of our energy sources.

This is the challenge we face.

A challenge summarised by Francesco Gattei, EVP Scenarios, Strategic Options & Investor Relations, who, in his speech at the Singularity Summit “Industrial & Energy Revolutions”, touched on all of the major stages of the industrial revolution to date. Or better, till tomorrow.

Singularity - Francesco Gattei

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