The sun shines above the HPC4

 By Eniday Staff

A child’s mind would often think that when a toy gets broken it will be thrown away… Later in life one starts seizing the concept that everything can turn into a different entity as anything born for a purpose can be reused. And one day it is also possible to find out that even a waste can change into something valuable…

What was initially conceived as an experiment for children, the same can then be revaluated by an adult… just like the grandmother’s patchwork style blanket with all the pieces cut out from old clothes, where each rectangle carries a memory or the most modern shabby chic style drawing on old furniture.
It is precisely from this idea of recovering something no longer usable that Eni gives life to the “Italy Project”, aimed at enhancing some Group’s industrial areas which are now no longer practical or economically attractive.
The project, which aims to invest in the Italian territory and boost employment opportunities, involves the construction of generating plants from renewable sources in the Group’s industrial sites.
The Energy Solution Management Department is already working and has realized the first photovoltaic system. In Ferrera Erbognone, near the well-nown Green Data Center, a photovoltaic plant embodied with a peak power of 1 MW was built. The solar tracking system allows a better exposition of solar panels to make them rotate throughout the day at a low energy consumption cost. In short, we are dealing with a mechanical field filled with sunflowers. The energy produced by the 2968 photovoltaic modules, distributed over 106 strings, is entirely consumed on site and addressed to partially compensate the electricity consumption of HPC4.

Green Data Center: the power of a super photovoltaic plant

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